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I am debugging a boost asio unix domain protocol client, after i issue async_receive , the completion handler gets called infinitely with 0 bytes_transferred, there are no errors passed to the completion handler. the error code is success.

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Oh my.. me too.. –  ikh Feb 24 at 12:47
i am using boost-1.55 version is this a bug or what ? –  Ravikumar Tulugu Feb 24 at 12:52
@RavikumarTulugu How big are the odds? Do you have a SSCCE, please? –  sehe Feb 24 at 13:42
(for context: Select Isn't Broken and It's Always Your Fault) –  sehe Feb 24 at 13:44
@RavikumarTulugu: It would be inefficient for me to go and produce every possible combination of broken code using boost.asio, then list all the failure cases. Please do this the other way around, by posting your testcase; since you've already been debugging with it for the last few days, it should just be a matter of copy/pasting those <50 lines! :) [Lounge: well that was predictable] –  Lightness Races in Orbit Feb 24 at 13:55

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Finally i got the problem nailed , i am posting the answer here , just incase some body else might very likely run into the same problem.

The completion handler falls into infinite loop if the boost::asio::buffer passed to the async_receive function is of length 0. In my case i was passing a vector of size 0.

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