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Should attributes in a model all start with a lowercase letter?

Recently I ran into the issue of having attributes in the model that start with an uppercase letter not work with the "valueBinding=UppercaseAttribute" quality in Ember Handlebars.

I have a huge amount of attributes that are going to be changed in the future and I'm wondering if I should just get into the habit of changing them to lowercase now and saving myself a lot of work.

And now the code for all of you visual learners.

So it's this (uppercase)

VpcYeoman.Category = DS.Model.extend({
    Name: DS.attr('string'),


This (lowercase)

VpcYeoman.Category = DS.Model.extend({
    name: DS.attr('string')

Thanks for the help!

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Yes. By convention, all variable names in most languages should be in camel-case, starting with a lowercase character. Javascript adheres to this convention.

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Thanks! Does this camelCase also apply to dependencies like items: DS.hasMany('items', {async: true}) –  Ian Steffy Feb 24 at 22:34
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