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I'm working on JAVA, Let's say I have a document with the fields "name" and "date" and I would like to index the field date and search for all the documents between date1 and date2 who have a solution please?

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You should clarify your question. What exactly is your problem? –  Roman Konoval Feb 24 at 14:20
@RomanKonoval i want to know how to index a date field and how to search for documents that their dates are between two given dates –  user3182237 Feb 24 at 14:28

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  1. You have to add document's date into your index:

    Date date = new Date();
    Document doc = new Document();
    doc.add(new Field("docDate", DateTools.timeToString(date, DateTools.Resolution.MINUTE), Field.Store.YES, Field.Index.NOT_ANALYZED));
  2. Now you can search using RangeQuery

    Query query = new TermRangeQuery("docDate", DateTools.timeToString(dateFrom, DateTools.Resolution.MINUTE), DateTools.timeToString(dateTo, DateTools.Resolution.MINUTE), true, true);
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