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Before my build starts, each of my ShellCommand steps are labelled shell_\d+. It would be nice if Buildbot used the step description instead of the auto generated shell label. Also when we get an email notification, as it says BUILD FAILED: failed shell_3 but it would be nicer if it said BUILD FAILED: unit test xyz failed.

Is there a way to change this shell ID id something else? Perhaps by creating a custom build step and overriding a function? I'm not sure where this ID comes from exactly.

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You give the step a name in the addStep method for example:

f = buildbot.process.factory.BuildFactory()
f.addStep( = 'Hello',
                                             cmd = ['echo', 'Hello World']))

I'd implement the second part as a log observer

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Yep, name works, brilliant! I'm sure I tried this already, oh well. – nbolton Mar 12 '14 at 11:53

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