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I have a POCO object that goes 4 levels deep contained objects (like Invoice has line items that have taxes that have gl entries), and I want to turn the entire thing into a DataSet. So there would be 4 tables, each with constraints being applied to the parent table.

Does anyone know of something that would automated this?

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This question sounds similar. –  Atanas Korchev Oct 20 '08 at 21:23
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How do you populate this object? If it's from the database, there are two methods to structure your query such that the dataset is populated with separate, automatically related DataTable-s. Old and probably not supported anymore is the SHAPE command. A better and more recent approach is to use FOR XML.

The later approach will also allow you to load a dataset from XML-serialized representation of your `POCO' (not FOR XML, but loading XML into DataSet)

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