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I want to do a HTTPRequest based upon a url, which is set in a component attribute. I tried it like shown below, but the dataUrl is always none. It seems as the constructor of the component is executed before the attributes, which are set in the html, are available to the component.

How can I tell the HTTPRequest to wait until the dataUrl variable is available?


class TableData {

  static List data = [];

  TableData() {}

  List get getData => data;

    selector: 'jstable',
    templateUrl: 'jstable/jstable_component.html',
    cssUrl: 'jstable/jstable_component.css',
    publishAs: 'cmp'
class JSTableComponent {
  String name;

  String dataUrl;

  TableData _table_data = new TableData();

  final Http _http;
  bool dataLoaded = false;

  JSTableComponent(this._http) {
    _loadData().then((_) {
      dataLoaded = true;
    }, onError: (_) {
      dataLoaded = false;
  List get data => _table_data.getData;

  Future _loadData() {
    print("data url is");
    return _http.get(dataUrl).then((HttpResponse response) {
      TableData.data = response.data['data'];


<jstable name="myjstablename" data-url="table-data.json"></jstable>
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Implement NgAttachAware and put your code in the attach method. The attributes are already evaluated when attach is called.

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Thanks a lot! I would leave the question open as it is not in general about accessing the attributes, but about the initialisation timing. –  Thomas Kremmel Feb 24 at 15:11

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