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I have a form and a div outside the form. before I subjected the form with $(".btn-update.")click() but now with $(".btn-update").ajaxForm() can not submit the form.

html code:

<form id="company-profile-edit-form" name="company-profile-edit-form" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="updateProfileAction.php" method="POST">
        Company Name: <span class="req">*</span>
    <input name="company-name" type="text" value="{companyName}" />
Update profile

js code:

    beforeSend: function () {
        $('<div class="loader"><img src="./resources/images/loader.gif" /></div>').appendTo(".main-backend .popups");
    beforeSubmit: function () {
        var firstName = $("input[name=first-name]", "#company-profile-edit-form").val();

        if ((email === "")) {
                'display': 'block'
            $(".error-message span").html('Ups! You forgot to populate fields that are required!');
            $('.error-message').fadeIn('slow', function () {
            return false;

    success: function (data) {


How I can submit the form with <div class="btn-update">Update profile</div> ?

thanks to all

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Breaking keyboard navigation not using an element that can be selected, not all users use a mouse. –  epascarello Feb 24 at 15:36

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ajaxForm have to be assigned to your form, not the button.

Then, just assign an "onclick" event to your "btn-update" (by the way: better for id, avoid to submit by class since id it's unique while you can assign same class to multiple items) and inside a normal subit.


$('#company-profile-edit-form').ajaxForm({ ...


$( '.btn-update' ).click(function() {
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it is possible to implement this function, the validate ()? –  user3242861 Feb 24 at 15:45
move validation's logic before submit. So, do your checks in "click" function, set a var isValidated = true, validate your form (if any error, isValidated = false) and finally sorround the submit call in a condition: if (isValidated){ $('#company...').submit()}. That is! –  MrPk Feb 24 at 16:04

https://api.jquery.com/submit/ look for the first sample: A div outside the form. And there is the answer:

<form id="target" action="destination.html">
<input type="text" value="Hello there">
<input type="submit" value="Go">
<div id="other">
Trigger the handler

$( "#other" ).click(function() {
$( "#target" ).submit();
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i have a function formProfile(){ $(formId).ajaxForm( code... ); } i do how? $( "#other" ).click(function() { formProfile(); }); –  user3242861 Feb 24 at 15:36

First, the .ajaxForm should be used on the <form> itself.

So, it should be $('#company-profile-edit-form').ajaxForm({});

Next, you need to use .submit() to simulate a form submission

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Yes you can!

Try to bind the click function to the div.

<div id="update" class="btn-update">Update profile</div>

And the js:

$( "#update" ).click(function() {

Remember to replace the alert with your submit function!

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but i need use .ajaxForm() and not .click() . –  user3242861 Feb 24 at 15:35
@user3242861 check the update! It might help –  gonzalon Feb 24 at 16:14

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