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I have website designed in WSS 3.0 (Windows SharePoint Services 3.0). Can i re-write URLs to Google / SEO friendly URLs? If yes then please do let me know how to do it?

Thanks, Rau.

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The best/easiest way would be to do it the way we've always done it - with an HTTP module intercepting the requests. Install it to the GAC via WSP, and make the web.config changes through a feature receiver - make sure the feature is defined with a web application scope.

Note that for publishing pages, the "/pages" part of the url is required to be supported by Microsoft. So, in your solution, be sure to serve up pages to both their modified & original URLs, so you can browse to "/pages/whatever.aspx" whenever you need to make changes to your content.

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It was done before, as Greg said -- usign url-rewrite modules and theres also well documented ways to fix the 302 Temporarily Moved. You can also make use of this IIS Rewrite option for friendly urls, and a few configuration tweaks, all this applied to the WSS limitations, of course.

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