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I have an adjacency matrix like

        [0 1]
        [1 0]

it will output a line connect with two node but as the matrix become larger and larger there will have many combination like

        [0 1 1]          [0 1 0]
        [1 0 0]    or    [1 0 1]
        [1 0 0]          [0 1 0]

How to read such a matrix and use it to create turtles and links for the graph described by the matrix?

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FYI, the kind of matrix you're asking about is called an adjacency matrix. As originally written your question wasn't very clear, but I think I understand what you want, so I made some edits to improve the question. –  Seth Tisue Feb 24 '14 at 19:01

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The NW extension has a nw:load-matrix primitive that handles this for you.

Note that (as of February 2014) the extension isn't bundled with NetLogo; you'll need to download and install it.

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