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I want to build my own mobile app and cross-develop for Android and iOs. Since most of the other Frameworks aren't free or use a WebView (tell me if I am wrong), which I don't want to use because I read about bad performance and not-so-nice integration into the System, I wanted to try Titanium.

So while installing and setting up I came across this one: here. I really don't understand out of the answer: Am I or am I not allowed to write a commercial App with Titanium Studio without buying something?

On this site it seems pretty clear that it is free and only the extra services (cloud and stuff) cost something:

I don't need a cloud or any infrastructure of Appcelerator I think.

So is it free to develop commercial apps or not? And if I understand right and the extra services are the only thing that cost something, is there a commercial feature/service which I will have to use any way for most apps?

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I remember when this all came about.

It is free, unless you want those additional services. I never ran into the issue myself, but my understanding is that there was a lot of confusion around the licensing which was simplified. Soon after that situation, another blog post, which I can't seem to find, where they changed the licensing and made it simpler.

This was the response to your forum reference:

Titanium Studio at the App Explore level is a free closed-­‐source commercial product subject to the terms herein. Use of Studio under App Explore is provided absolutely free of charge. Use of the Appcelerator Analytics and/or Appcelerator Cloud Services is free up to a certain tier found at­pricing. You may incur fees or have certain usage disabled or reduced for usage beyond the free App Explore tier as set forth on the Appcelerator website. No support or other services will be available from Appcelerator under the terms of this Agreement at the App Explore level.

You can use it for free.

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Do I understand it right that using the Alloy MVC Framework is free too? And can you tell me what the App Explore level is? I don't really get it :/ – kave Feb 25 '14 at 12:21
Alloy is just their MVC framework, so that should be fine as well. On the App Explore level, I think that was what the cloud services were called before they changed them. I guessing at that. It looks like the pricing and plans section has been changed. – Martin Feb 25 '14 at 14:02

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