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I have an embedded device which is running a Gtkmm application (on an Open-Embedded platform). The Gtk+ Broadway backend of the application runs perfectly fine with all the HTML5 enabled browsers (IE11,Chrome37,Firefox27), when accessed within the network. But the problem is when I try to write an Alt+Gr characters (like the Euro or at"@" symbol) from a German keyboard into any of the Text-fields in the application, I see nothing, it does not accept any character. There is no problem with typing in other characters. Could it be a browser or application specific problem? Actually I have found no information regarding this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks !!

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File a bugreport against broadway backend, this smells like a bug. After all you can type @ in a regular form can't you? –  drahnr Feb 26 at 15:03
Yes I can type @ if I use US keyboard layout cause it can be typed using Shift+2. Somehow the AltGr keypress has no effect. –  soupso Feb 26 at 16:01

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