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I'm developing a OTP solution for windows login which lets domain user to login from any location to system without having actual credentials but only OTP. After going through few samples, I came up with this design but not sure if I'm not the right track.

My logic as follows,

1) I will use a sample Credential provider from SDK and create a wrapper around it

2) The wrapper will filter SetStringValue and GetStringValue

3) In SetStringValue, I will get the OTP which user has entered, before passing this into the actual credential provider, I will communicate with our service which runs in the same system and exchange the newly generated password by the service and pass this on to the actual credential provider for login. I also intend to use facebook or gmail for authentication instead of this service if possible.

Experts please tell me if I'm on the right track? Or am I missing something here?

Also at some samples I read about Network provider and some people suggested to use Network provider rather than Credential Provider. What is this network provider? I don't seem to find any samples about network provider. If I can't achieve my goal with credential provider, please point me towards the right direction using network provider and pointers to samples as well.

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