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Not sure whether to ask this question here but here is the question.

What are the alternatives to paypal for countries whom paypal does not support?

For example, I am from Pakistan and i am looking for easy way like paypal to transfer and receive amounts from the services buyers whom i render my freelance service.


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You might like Google Checkout. They support a much larger range of countries than Paypal does (yes, Pakistan is one of them), and the rates are comparable.

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PayPal is not a safe solution to receive money even in countries where it is accepted. Account of sellers gets frozen without explanation.

If you're a company, you could try to register with some credit card processing company so that you can accept credit cards.

Or just open a bank account and let people send you money via SWIFT.

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You could use a payment card processer like CyberSource, though this might be overkill (fees, cost of implementation) for your scenario.

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