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I use commons-httpclient to send queries to a Web server. The Web server never closes connections, but has a small memory leak associated to the connection context.

I would therefore like to close the persistent connections from time to time (every X queries for example), but I did not find any way to do this. I use the MultiThreadedHTTPConnectionManager

I could use MultiThreadedHTTPConnectionManager.closeIdleConnections(very_small_delay), but that's not very reliable: if my Java code has much work to do, then it's possible that no connection is ever idle, because there are always other threads waiting for a free connection.


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after executing one method, let's say GET, you can read the responsed HttpStatus number, to decide if a method.releaseConnection() needs to be called.

Or if you know which connection you wanna close, you could try

void    releaseConnection(HttpConnection conn) 

okay, I thought you have some reason that you want to 'kill' a connection. Assume you have the connection, the HttpConnection Object, which you want to close in hand. May this method help?

public void close()

    Closes the socket and streams. 
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Hi, calling releaseConnection() puts the connection back in the pool, which is not what I want, as it will stay alive. However, if I don't call releaseConnection(), then the pool will think I still use it, and not create another one, basically leading to a deadlock. – Zorglub Feb 4 '10 at 13:14
Duh, it was too obvious, now I feel stupid. Thanks ! – Zorglub Feb 4 '10 at 17:20

Are you calling method.releaseConnection()?

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Yes, which has the correct effect of putting the connection back in the pool where it can be reused for another query. The additional thing I want is to explicitely kill the connection and forbid its reuse, from time to time (doing the client-side equivalent of settings Apache's max keep-alive requests) – Zorglub Feb 4 '10 at 13:04

Can you afford to use SimpleHttpConnectionManager(boolean alwaysClose)?

httpClient.setHttpConnectionManager(new SimpleHttpConnectionManager(true))
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When I am using releaseConnections() still there are connections in CLOSE_WAIT state. Is it okay if I add closeIdleConnections(0) after releaseConnections?

Will this mean even if the connection is sent back to the pool to be used by other clients but is not closed/released then closeIdleConnections will close it?

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