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I am testing the TDictionary using the embarcadero sample ( http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/CodeExamples/XE5/en/Generics_Collections_TDictionary_%28Delphi%29 )

No problem for creating and adding key and value. However, when I try to access the table using key value 'London':

(1) Dictionary.Items['London'].Country -> gives the correct value "Dictionary.Items['London'].Country'

(2) input 'London' in Edit1.Text, then Dictionary.Items[Edit1.Text].Country -> gives error "the item not found'?

Could someone explain this?

Thanks in advance.

//////////////////////////////////// /// sample code

var Dictionary: TDictionary<String, TCity>;
    City, Value: TCity;
    Key: String;

  Dictionary := TDictionary<String, TCity>.Create;
  City := TCity.Create;
  { Add some key-value pairs to the dictionary. }
  City.Country := 'Romania';
  City.Latitude := 47.16;
  City.Longitude := 27.58;
  Dictionary.Add('Iasi', City);

  City := TCity.Create;
  City.Country := 'United Kingdom';
  City.Latitude := 51.5;
  City.Longitude := -0.17;
  Dictionary.Add('London', City);

  City := TCity.Create;
  City.Country := 'Argentina';
  { Notice the wrong coordinates }
  City.Latitude := 0;
  City.Longitude := 0;
  Dictionary.Add('Buenos Aires', City);

  showmessage(Dictionary.Items['London'].Country); // This One is OK

  // now using Edit1.Text where I put 'London'
  Showmessage(Dictionary.Items[Edit1.Text].Country); // This return to error message (Item not found)


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Keep in mind that a TDictionary with string as key is case sensitive - so in case your Edit1.Text is london it will not find the item. –  Stefan Glienke Feb 24 at 23:03
Thanks! it is good to know this before I stuck into another simple mistake. –  user3348063 Feb 26 at 1:40

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The explanation is that, contrary to what you claim, Edit1.Text does not equal 'London'. Perhaps the letter case does not match. Or there is leading or trailing whitespace.

Add an assertion to verify that I am correct:

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Yes, you are right. I should trim the text! Thanks. –  user3348063 Feb 26 at 1:38

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