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Relevant google geocoding documentation: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/geocoding/#Types

Google's own Geocoding developer documentation shows examples that return information that includes the following:

        <long_name>Santa Clara</long_name>
        <short_name>Santa Clara</short_name>

However, when I use their URL that corresponds to that example it returns XML that includes:

   <long_name>Santa Clara County</long_name>
   <short_name>Santa Clara County</short_name>

Notice that " County" added to the end of the county name.

Does anyone know if this is intentional? We do not recall seeing the additional " County" last week.

Is this a documented change?

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The data in the geocoding database changes frequently, looks like this changed in the last update. Don't know of any change log for the geocoder data. –  geocodezip Feb 24 at 21:23
For customers paying for the geocoding service that seems bad to just change stuff like that. Worse...they change it but do not change their own documentation –  Eves Feb 24 at 21:57
If you are a paying customer (I am not), you should be able to raise it with your contacts at Google. Where is it documented? Or are you referring to an example in the documentation? –  geocodezip Feb 24 at 22:00
Someone in my organization is contacting Google about the change. The only documentation I have been made aware of is the URL in my original post. –  Eves Feb 24 at 22:20
I would consider that an "example" off what the response could look like and the actual data in the response could change over time. –  geocodezip Feb 24 at 22:33

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