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I am trying to learn more about netfilter kernel modules and as part of learning came up with a module that suppose to detect incoming encrypted HTTP traffic, decrypt it and forward it to the original destination and upon receiving response from encrypt the data and send it back to the source of 1st request. In other words - HTTP proxy with encryption and masquerading.

In my thought to avoid detection of intended destination of request (e.g. by deep packet scanning) this will require changing of all parts of packet - IP headers, TCP headers and DATA.

In my code already achieved first goal - detection of encrypted HTTP packets and replacing data within those. However I stumbled upon "forwarding" functionality. Since I will need to send encrypted response back to the same IP/PORT, means I will need to store somehow information about first packet. I am not sure if storing it within running kernel is a good idea.

So my question is - should I do it within kernel module or should I go with some application in userspace and shoot packets there? Or maybe I am missing something and I would not need to store anything and "smart" netfilter will do everything for me?

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