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I've programmed an online store for my client (CodeIgniter) and there seems to be something wrong with IE9 (IE8 as well I think), but not IE10 or IE11, also other browsers like Chrome, FF & Safari are working just fine.

The problem for example is the top navigation (within the 2 thicker lines with the special font) it should be fixed at the top when scrolling below its source position and while hovering the links it should show a sub navigation right below the top nav.

In IE9 the bar isn't fixed while scrolling and the placement of the sub nav is calculated within javascript, which isn't done, so it is wrongly place and sized in IE9.

Here's part of the javascript code, which I don't think is the problem:


$(document).ready( function() {
    var navpos = $('#navigation > ul').offset();
    var navheight = $('#navigation').height();
    $("#navigation").css("height", navheight);
    $(window).bind('scroll', function()
        if ($(window).scrollTop() > (navpos.top))
            $('#navigation > ul').addClass('fixed');
            $('#navigation > ul').removeClass('fixed');

    $("#navigation ul li").hover( function () {
        var myWidth = $(this).parent().outerWidth() + "px";
        var myTop = ($(this).parent().outerHeight() - 2) + "px";
        var myLeft = ($(this).parent().offset().left - $(this).offset().left) + "px";
        $(".sub", this).css({ "width": myWidth, "left": myLeft, "top": myTop });


here's the link to the website http://bike-import.ch/

thank you guys in advance.

peace Al

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