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I've done the research, and most questions deal with the opposite situation (columns to rows). I want to know how , within the MS-Access Query Design environment, I can transform the following sample data from state #1 to state #2.

State #1

Row |  Organization | SatelliteLocation1 | SatelliteLocation2 | SatelliteLocation3

001        ABC              1000A                                    1000B               
002        DEF              2000A               2000B                
003        GHI              3000A               3000B    

State #2               

Row |  Organization | SatelliteLocationValues

001        ABC                 1000A      
002        ABC                 1000B
003        DEF                 2000A
003        DEF                 2000B
004        GHI                 3000A
004        GHI                 3000B

Please keep in mind that:

1) Yes, there are null values for some columns in state #1.

2) I am using Access 2010.

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What you are seeking is sometimes called an "unpivot" query. It is the UNION of one subquery for each column:

        SatelliteLocation1 AS SatelliteLocations
    FROM State1
    WHERE SatelliteLocation1 IS NOT NULL
        SatelliteLocation2 AS SatelliteLocations
    FROM State1
    WHERE SatelliteLocation2 IS NOT NULL
        SatelliteLocation3 AS SatelliteLocations
    FROM State1
    WHERE SatelliteLocation3 IS NOT NULL
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Write three different SQL queries to obtain the first two columns and each query a different SatelliteLocation field (with null-awareness-checking) and UNION the three results.

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Cross Apply is a good solution here:

-- load test data
declare @YourTable table
    Row char(3),
    Organization char(3),
    SatelliteLocation1 char(5),
    SatelliteLocation2 char(5),
    SatelliteLocation3 char(5)
insert into @YourTable

-- return State #2 
select Row,Organization,SatelliteLocationValues
from @YourTable s
    cross apply (
                select SatelliteLocation1 as SatelliteLocationValues union
                select SatelliteLocation2 union
                select SatelliteLocation3
                ) t
where t.SatelliteLocationValues is not null
order by Row
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