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I need to allow less-privileged users to propose changes to a record but have them sit somewhere until an administrator approves them. It should be similar to the way Stack Overflow allows users with lower reputation to propose an edit to a question or answer which must be reviewed by someone with higher reputation.

In papertrail terms, I'd like to allow users to create versions of a record without actually committing those changes to the record itself—future versions, rather than past versions. Then I'd like to allow another user to "revert" ("prevert"?) to the new version.

Is this something papertrail supports? Or is there another gem that can do this?

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I'm facing the same problem right now.

No, it's not supported by paper_trail, but maybe we can achieve it adding an approved attribute to our Record. It should default to false so that, when the Record object is saved, a new paper_trail version is created with that attribute set to false. Later an AdminUser can approve the record setting approved to true and paper_trail will create the new approved version.

It's not the cleanest solution but it should work. And we could also add other attributes to your Record model such as approved_by and approved_at, should you we them.

Mmm.. I'm thinking about it..

Please let me know if you found a better solution!

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