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I have a Proxy defined with a basepath of /v1.0/stores and a resource with a path of //address/validate*

I have an ExtractVariables policy that has

   <Pattern ignoreCase="false">/{storeid}/{service}/*.{format}</Pattern>
   <Pattern ignoreCase="false">/{storeid}/{service}/**/*.{format}</Pattern>

How do I assign the "v1.0" from the proxy.basepath to {version}?

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The path being evaluated using <URIPath> configuration is actually proxy.pathsuffix and that contains everything after the basepath. Try this configuration in the policy:

<Variable name="proxy.basepath">

The variable being referenced, proxy.basepath, should be holding /v1.0/stores. The above pattern will extract v1.0 and store it in the variable version.

Link to Apigee variables reference which describes proxy.basepath is located here.

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