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Is there any single line java command using joda to get seconds in a year?

I tried various combinations but not seems to be working.

What I tried is

    System.out.println("Seconds in a day: " + Days.ONE.toStandardSeconds().getSeconds());
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Seconds in a year can change. See DateTimeConstants. –  Sotirios Delimanolis Feb 24 at 23:55
Exactly it can change Sotirios. I need standard seconds only :). I am using it to set cookie life and that ok for me. –  shaILU Feb 24 at 23:56

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I was looking on stackoverflow and come across this How can I get the number of days in a year using JodaTime?

got the idea

new DateTime().year().toInterval().toDuration().getStandardSeconds()

and it works for me.

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