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I'm trying to set up a proxy server in FreeBSD and I want it to require LDAP authentication. I've installed Squid and got squid_auth_ldap installed. For some strange reason though it looks like my squid_auth_ldap doesn't conform to any of the man pages I can find online (for example, the man pages say that a -b option is required, but when I try to specify the -b flag it spits back this (minus the periods inside the angle brackets):

Usage: squid_auth_ldap <.ldap_server_name> <.port> <.searchBase>

Example: squid_auth_ldap ldap.acme.com 389 o=Acme

I'm hopeful that my problem is that I'm unclear about what the searchBase should be. Assuming my DNS server is ldap.corp.company.com, I assumed the search base should be "dc=company,dc=com"

I also added "ou=Corp" to the search base since that's the organizational unit that my user is directly inside, but without success. Note that because of the nesting, I tried specifying a -f flag, but it spat back the Usage/Example text again. The OU nesting looks like this in the AD server:

corp.company.com -> Domain -> Users -> Corp

I've tried specifying the username as "name" "corp\name" "corp\name" and "name@corp.company.com" but none of these permutations work. And actually, if I put a \ before the @ in the fourth case, it crashes the command because it causes an assert to fail.

The last piece of information I think could be useful is that it's a standard Windows 2012 R2 Active Directory server, and AD authentication is working against this server in general.

Any other ideas for things I can try?

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