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My app is monitoring around a dozen circular regions at a time. Region monitoring works as expected most of the time. However, I have noticed that often when I toggle wifi on and off from the settings or control center,

-(void)locationManager:(CLLocationManager *)manager didEnterRegion:(CLRegion *)region

is called for all regions, regardless of size, within several miles of a my current location.

Anyone know why this might happen, and if there is a way to filter out these false positives?

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location services use wifi in part until slower GPS can be determined. Without wifi at all, the accuracy radius will remain quite high for 15+ seconds until GPS can be determined solo. It may be that turning off wifi expands the accuracy radius temporarily, tripping off nearby zones. –  Miro Feb 25 at 0:50
I have tested this with Apple's Reminder app with identical results. It'd be awesome if someone has found a method to filter out inaccurate region-monitoring results or to suspend region monitoring for a few seconds after wifi has been switched on. –  MattDiep Feb 25 at 21:00

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