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I'm using the twittytwister module to implement a Twitter client but it looks like it's no longer being developed. I need to connect to an HTTP proxy to be able to reach the internet but the module does not have such an option so I'm looking at modifying it.

def __downloadPage(factory, *args, **kwargs):
    downloader = factory(*args, **kwargs)
    if downloader.scheme == 'https':
        from twisted.internet import ssl
        contextFactory = ssl.ClientContextFactory()
        reactor.connectSSL(, downloader.port,
                           downloader, contextFactory)
        reactor.connectTCP(, downloader.port,
    return downloader

def getPage(url, *args, **kwargs):
    return __downloadPage(client.HTTPClientFactory, url, *args, **kwargs)

What can I do here to make it connect with my proxy? Do I replace client.HTTPClientFactory with something else?

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The newer (added in Twisted 9.0.0) HTTP client API, twisted.web.client.Agent, includes support for connecting to an HTTP proxy. For example, you could write:

from twisted.web.client import Agent, ProxyAgent
from twisted.internet.endpoints import clientFromString
from twisted.internet import reactor

from os import environ

    proxy = environ["HTTP_PROXY"]
except KeyError:
    agent = Agent(reactor)
    agent = ProxyAgent(clientFromString(reactor, proxy))

See the endpoints documentation for details about the expected format of the HTTP_PROXY environment variable this example uses.

Unfortunately it looks like twittytwister uses the older HTTP client API so you'll need to port it to use Agent before you can benefit from ProxyAgent. Fortunately the getPage style API is fairly limited so it shouldn't be very hard to replace it with Agent-style code.

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Is there another way other than using ProxyAgent? twittytwister looks like it's using a mix of both. Porting it fully to the new API seems complicated. – Crypto Feb 25 '14 at 13:19

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