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I'm looking for a Gremlin version of a customizable PageRank algorithm. There are a few old versions out there, one (from: is pasted below. I'm having trouble fitting the flow into the current GremlinGroovyPipeline-based structure. What is the modernized equivalent of this or something like it?

$_g := tg:open()
$m := g:map()
$_ := g:key('type', 'song')[g:rand-nat()]

repeat 2500
  $_ := ./outE[@label='followed_by'][g:rand-nat()]/inV
  if count($_) > 0
    g:op-value('+',$m,$_[1]/@name, 1.0)

  if g:rand-real() > 0.85 or count($_) = 0
    $_ := g:key('type', 'song')[g:rand-nat()]


Another version is available on slide 55 of The ability to use the if statements and change the traversal based on them is valuable for customization.

many thanks

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I guess I'll answer it myself in case somebody else needs it. Be warned that this is not a very efficient PageRank calculation. It should only be viewed as a learning example.

g = new TinkerGraph()
m = [:]
g.V('type','song').sideEffect{m[] = 0}

// pick a random song node that has 'followed_by' edge
def randnode(g) {

v = randnode(g)
for(i in 0..2500) {
  v = v.outE('followed_by').shuffle[0].inV
  v = v.hasNext()?
  if (v != null) {
    m[] += 1

  if ((Math.random() > 0.85) || (v == null)) {
    v = randnode(g)

msum = m.values().sum()
m.each{k,v -> m[k] = v / msum} 
println "top 10 songs: (normalized PageRank)"
m.sort {-it.value }[0..10]

Here's a good reference for a simplified one-liner:!msg/gremlin-users/CRIlDpmBT7g/-tRgszCTOKwJ (as well as the Gremlin wiki:

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