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I have several MySQL tables that maintains a tree structure of records. Each record have an ID and a Parent field. I want to write a stored function to get the parent ID, given a record ID.

The following is my first attempt, and it's incorrect. My problem is I do not know how to use variable table name.

delimiter $$

create function parent(
    tableName varchar(15),
    nodeId    int
) returns int
    declare p int;
    select parent into p from tableName where id=nodeId;
    return p;

Please help. Thanks!

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Possibly related: stackoverflow.com/questions/6593078/… –  lc. Feb 25 at 2:20
I'll try that thanks –  Jeff Feb 25 at 2:21
Multiple tables with the same structure are a bad idea. You should be storing them in one table with an additional column specifying the "tablename". –  Gordon Linoff Feb 25 at 2:22
That's true, but this is for research performance evaluation. Basically, there are several tables with the same structure but different parameters. I use these tables to measure the performance of my algorithm. –  Jeff Feb 25 at 2:25
@Jeff But once you have dynamic SQL in the mix all your measurements will be off anyway –  lc. Feb 25 at 2:26

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After some research, apparently a stored function will not work in this case due to the fact stored functions cannot execute dynamic SQL. I change my implementation to a stored procedure.

delimiter $$

create procedure parent(tableName varchar(15), nodeId int)
    set @s := concat('select parent from ', tableName, ' where id =', nodeId);
    prepare query from @s;
    execute query;
    deallocate prepare query;

delimiter ;
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