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I am new to RESTful webservices. I am trying to get a JSON file from a RESTful web service of RIPE Atlas. The URL of the API is https://stat.ripe.net/data/abuse-contact-finder/data.json?resource=193/23. Please find my code below for retrieving the JSON file:

      WebResource service = client.resource(UriBuilder.fromUri("https://stat.ripe.net/data/abuse-contact-finder/data.json").build());
      // getting JSON data

In this above case, I am getting 400 Bad request from the server. When i gave the complete URL, along with the request parameter "?resource=193/23" in 'fromUri', it is working fine. But when I specified the request parameter in the 'service.path' like above, it is not. What am I doing wrong? I am sure this is a silly question, forgive my ignorance, but could someone please guide me in the right direction?

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I think you want to add the query param differently.



MultivaluedMap queryParams = new MultivaluedMapImpl();
  ClientResponse response = service.queryParams(queryParams).get(String.class));

I suggest you consider familiarizing yourself with the Jax-RS API here, it has a nice description of path as well.

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Thanks a lot! That worked. Could you please tell me for what purpose I should use 'service.path()'? –  Srikanth Kandalam Feb 25 '14 at 2:28
see edit for you path ? –  jeremyjjbrown Feb 25 '14 at 2:49

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