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I was trying to put in my driver as part of the Linux kernel. The following is the Makefile. The module, rs_pci depends on rs_9x. However, the kernel tries to build rs_pci before building rs_9x, which causes the compilation of rs_pci to fail. I would like the kernel to compile rs_9x first and then compile rs_pci. How do I do it?

The following is my Makefile

rs_9x-y                       += rs_a.o
rs_9x-y                       += rs_b.o
rs_9x-y                       += rs_c.o

rs_pci-y                      += rs_pci.o rs_pci_ops.o
obj-$(CONFIG_RS)               := rs_9x.o
obj-$(CONFIG_RS_PCI)           := rs_pci.o

In the .config file, I have both options enabled as modules.

Please help me out.

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It might be easier to help you out if you post the build output –  wkz Feb 25 at 7:10
Why does the compilation order matter? This would indicate a bug in the rs_pci module. –  CL. Feb 25 at 9:38

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