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Dos2Unix worked..Thanks to slayedbylucifer!!

Now I am getting the following error:

Global symbol "$path" requires explicit package name at ./Test.pl line 4.
Global symbol "$path" requires explicit package name at ./Test.pl line 5.
Execution of ./Test.pl aborted due to compilation errors.

I am executing my program as ./Test.pl "/scratch/samaggar/AutoSuite"

and here is the code:

 use strict;
 use warnings;
 $path = $ARGV[0];

 sub process_files {
     my $path = shift;
     opendir (DIR, $path)
     or die "Unable to open $path: $!";

     my @files = grep { !/^\.{1,2}$/ } readdir (DIR);
     closedir (DIR);
     @files = map { $path . '/' . $_ } @files;

     for (@files) {
         if (-d $_) {
             process_files ($_);
         } else {
             print @files;

Please suggest. What is the issue..

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have you given the file execute permission? chmod +x Test.pl and is the file test.pl or Test.pl as linux is case sensitive –  KeepCalmAndCarryOn Feb 25 at 5:29
oh and don't forget to use strict;use warnings; at the top of your file. Welcome to the wonderful world of perl –  KeepCalmAndCarryOn Feb 25 at 5:30
I have checked the file permissions its: -rwxrwxrwx 1 samaggar dba 1529 Feb 24 21:33 Test.pl –  Sammi Feb 25 at 5:37
Added use strict;use warnings; but same error.. Also a simple script like the one below is working fine: #!/usr/bin/perl print "Hello World.\n"; Please help!! –  Sammi Feb 25 at 5:39
Check my updated answer. –  slayedbylucifer Feb 25 at 6:23

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use dos2unix on your script as below:

$ dos2unix <script_name>

I had faced similar issues in the past due to some invisible stuff in my script.

If you are using ubuntu (or something similar), then use fromdos instead of dos2unix


Here is a quick simulation of your script:

$ cat test.pl 
use strict;
use warnings;
my $path=$ARGV[0];
print $path."\n";

$ ./test.pl "/scratch/samaggar/AutoSuite"

Note that I have used my while defining the $path variable.

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Thanks a lot..It worked..Now I am getting compilation errors like: Global symbol "$path" requires explicit package name at ./Test.pl line 2. Global symbol "$path" requires explicit package name at ./Test.pl line 3. Execution of ./Test.pl aborted due to compilation errors. Can you help me on this?I want my script to accept some unix path as input and it can work on that path to list all the files and directories inside it. –  Sammi Feb 25 at 5:54
put use strict; use warnings in your script, then run it, and then post the errors in your question with proper formatting. –  slayedbylucifer Feb 25 at 5:57
@user2150950, you should Accept and Upvote an answer if it was helpful to you. That's the ONLY way to say Thanks on StackOverflow. –  slayedbylucifer Feb 25 at 10:50

when strict is used (use strict;),the declaration should me mentioned global or local

my $path; (helps you to declare $path as local variable)


our $path;(declares $path as global so it can be exported)

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