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I have developed a product based website in joomla http://rivuss.com/. This website will be converted into an e-commerce website in another year or so. But right now we only have 6 products with no e-comm. The client heard from somewhere that cookies are helpful in SEO purpose and he wants me to implement "Functionality" and "Targeting" cookies in the website.

As per the definition functionality cookies allow this Site to remember choices you make (such as your user name, language or the region you are in) and provide enhanced, more personal or customized features. And right now we are not using login, language ets in the website.

The second cookie aims at advertising.

Can anyone please have a look at the website and advice me if these cookies are really required in the website. And if yes, how can they be implemented?

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Joomla already has session cookies that track your language choices and login state etc. It uses lots of other cookies too, and any advertising application you use will also use cookies. Just tell your client you've already taken care of that by using Joomla. –  Elin Feb 25 at 9:25
Thanks Elin.... I am new to joomla so have very less idea how does it handle all that. Can you please give a brief for my understanding so I can explain it better to the client. And also how can I check which cookies are being used in the website. We need to add this info in the privacy policy. –  Disha Feb 25 at 10:01

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