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I wonder if there is a way to give a custom look and feel for particular taxon.

For example: I got a t-shirt, a coat, and a laptop pc. What I realy like to do is to create a page for "Great Outdoor Wear 2014" with a fancy look (and show the t-shirt and the coat there).

So I want to have:

  1. a way to determine a css for particular taxon
  2. a way to determine an html for that taxon

How do you deal with this kind of things?

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What have you tried? What version of Spree are you using? – Uri Mikhli Feb 28 '14 at 19:23
@UriMikhli Actualy, I am talking about a new store and can use any version there. I love Spree. I wanted to know if it fitted my needs. And now I see that I can use my favorite framework :) Thank you! – ns-keip Mar 1 '14 at 6:46
no problem, It's a very flexible platform that's fun to work with. – Uri Mikhli Mar 2 '14 at 22:34
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I've done what you are asking in 1-3-stable using spree_static_content.

  • Create a link to your taxonomy, but have it routed to /pages/taxonomyname

  • create a taxonomyname method in pages_controller to create the correct @products data and render the view you want.

  • Create a pages static page called taxonomyname

Lets walk through an example:

  • In routes.rb add aline

    get '/greatouterwear2014',to: 'page#greatouterwear2014',defaults: {:id => 'categories/greatouterwear2014'}

  • In your menu create a link that looks like this yourdomain/greatouterwear2014

  • In the pages controller:

      def greatouterwear2014
         @taxon = .....etc
         @product = @taxon.product. ......etc
        render 'greatouterwear2014'
  • In app/views/pages create a file greatouterwear2014.html.haml(or your preferred templating suffix)

  • In that file you can then organize and style the product list however you want.

I'm sure there are cleaner ways, but this works well enough for me in spree 1-3-stable

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