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Have two components: from I need call two methods defined in the component name.mi.

the component /name.mi

    has 'name';

<%method text>
<pre>Some text here</pre>

<%method showname>
NAME: <% $.name %>

the component /

        my $namecomp = $m->load('name.mi', name=>'john');
<% $namecomp->text %>
<% $namecomp->showname %>

Running the /

  • The $namecomp->text method WORKS.
  • The $namecomp->showname NOT works, giving this error:

Can't use string ("MC0::name_mi") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at accessor MC0::name_mi::name (defined at /.../testpoet/comps/name.mi line 2) line 5

The questions:

  • can anyone show me an example how to use correctly the $m->load($path) ?
  • why can't access the $.name from the showname method - so, how to call multiple methods defined in the name.mi component?

e.g., with want achieve something what in pure perl can (schematicaly) write as next:

package Myapp::Name;
has 'name';
method text() {
    print "some text";
method showname {
    print "Name: " . $self->name();

and use it as:

my $namecomp = Myapp::Name->new( name => 'John' );
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Use construct instead of load

From perldoc Mason::Request:

   load (path)
       Makes the component path absolute if necessary, and calls Interp load
       to load the component class associated with the path.


   construct (path[, params ...])
       Constructs and return a new instance of the component designated by
       path params, if any, are passed to the constructor. Throws an error
       if path does not exist.

Load won't return a usable object while construct will.

The following worked for me in /

        my $namecomp = $m->construct('name.mi', name=>'john');
<% $namecomp->text %>
<% $namecomp->showname %>
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THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :) – kobame Feb 26 '14 at 8:16

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