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I am doing Junit integration testing for testing my camel routes, I have 2 tests methods in a Test class.

when both methods run independently, they executes and Test passed successfully.

But if i run entire class containing both test cases, it hangs on saying running

|Running 2 integration tests... 1 of 2
|Running 2 integration tests... 2 of 2

it didn't move forward, neither pass nor fails.

I have put @DirtiesContext on both test cases too, but no luck.

I don't know what am doing wrong.

Has anyone has any idea on this, please share your view.

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Please post your code... –  vikingsteve Feb 25 at 7:23
hi @vikingsteve can you share your email, can't share the code publically. –  Charu Jain Feb 25 at 7:40
Don't know the exact issue but i solved the issue by putting both testcases in separate class & it worked fine now. –  Charu Jain Feb 26 at 6:08
Great! Likely related to any @Before or @BeforeClass "state", or state due to DI, or lastly perhaps any static code. Glad you solved it. –  vikingsteve Feb 26 at 11:01

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