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I have taken out a hosting service that works with Parallels Plesk.

And in the section on ASP.NET for Virtual Directories Settings, define the String Connections, which are heavily exposed.

My question is how to restrict non haker, so that even they can not be read by administrators Hostings. ie my suppliers

Thanks a lot

Hope this in action

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I believe you cant. The hosting administrator will always have full access to your folder. You cant restrict their access. When you host your site with one provider, you have trusted them. If you dont trust them, you just purchase dedicated server and setup your own server. :) You dont need to worry as the great/famous hosting provider wont access/change/modify/copy your files. That's the ethic. –  Douglas Thomas Feb 25 at 13:34
Thanks Doug. Unfortunately confirmed what I feared. Ok. Thanks a lot –  GABO1957 Feb 28 at 0:16

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