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Hi I am trying to get a website running with Mosso that has Castle Windsor as my IOC, however I am getting the following error.

[SecurityException: That assembly does not allow partially trusted callers.]
   GoldMine.WindsorControllerFactory..ctor() in WindsorControllerFactory.cs:33
   GoldMine.MvcApplication.Application_Start() in Global.asax.cs:70

My questions are

  1. Does Castle Windsor run under medium trust?
  2. Can I download the DLL's without having to recompile with nant? (as I don't have this set up and don't know nant at all)
  3. Or is there another IOC that I can use that I can download and works in Medium Trust?


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EDIT After looking at my options I decided to go down the unity route. Once I got my head around the docs and found some examples I have it working – Rippo Feb 5 '10 at 9:23
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The Windsor stance seems to be doc'd / discussed here

LinFu seems to

StructureMap seems to as of 2.5. SM 2.6 has no Reflection.Emit

A good Bingoogleable keyword is AllowPartiallyTrustedCallersAttribute

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Thanks, will do some reading – Rippo Feb 4 '10 at 16:48
Ninject 2 is my favorite. Unity and AutoFac also both work in medium trust. – Andy S Feb 4 '10 at 18:49

Shameless plug: Simple Injector runs in Medium Trust!

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Is this a shamless plug! :) +1 Thanks for this, I will have a look – Rippo Feb 10 '10 at 8:12

The repository has moved, you can find all new links here now

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