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I just installed an SSL Certificate on my domain. and then I noticed that Social buttons (Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc) are no more there. When I uninstalled the SLL, those buttons were there.

Anybody knows how to fix this issue?

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To elaborate on cfrick's answer, which sounds spot on:

It isn't that they reject the content that isn't secure, it is that they reject mixed content. So you can't show secure and non-secure stuff on the same page.

The solution is that for any fully qualified URLs with a protocol prefix (http or https), simply leave that off and modern browsers will use the same protocol as the page was loaded with. So instead of including content with http://example.com/stuff.js you can use //example.com/stuff.js.

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yes, that's the best option.. –  muaaz Feb 25 at 15:41

most likely your code for the buttons refers to a non-SSL (http:// instead of https://) URL and most browsers nowadays reject content that is not "secure".

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