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I am trying to run ruby on rails under passenger with apache2 under fedora 19 and i got this error in log

[Tue Feb 25 09:37:52.367683 2014] [passenger:error] [pid 2779] * Passenger could not be initialized because of this error: Unable to start the Phusion Passenger watchdog because it encountered the following error during startup: Cannot change the directory '/tmp/passenger.1.0.2779/generation-1/buffered_uploads' its UID to 48 and GID to 48: Operation not permitted (errno=1)

That directory (/tmp/passenger.1.0.2779) don't even exists. I think that problem is with selinux. I trying to solve it about 4 hours. Httpd is running under user apache and group apache, i tried

cat /var/log/audit/audit.log | grep passenger | audit2allow -M
passenger semodule -i passenger.pp

but still nothing.

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Manually create this file "/tmp/passenger.1.0.2779/generation-1/buffered_uploads" and give full permission. Once Give a try.! –  Pravin Mishra Feb 25 at 8:47
not working, /tmp/passenger.1.0.xxxx and xxxx is different everytime i run server –  FuF Feb 25 at 8:50
Your passenger running with sudo user? –  Pravin Mishra Feb 25 at 8:51
I dont know, it's apache module and apache is running under apache user, so I think passenger is running under apache user too. –  FuF Feb 25 at 8:55
Once check apache user permission. Other wise give a try with super user. :) –  Pravin Mishra Feb 25 at 8:58

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