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I have a standard deck of cards and then have removed a few, from the remaining cards I want to calculate all of the possible two card combinations. For example with 47 cards there is 47 choose 2 combinations. Can anyone think of an efficient way to do this other than

  combinations.add(card, card +1)


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for(int i=0; i<47; i++) {
  for(int j=i+1; j<47; j++) {
     combinations.add(i, j);

This is the most efficient way, as it goes through each pair only once.

If you just want the number of two-pair combinations, see here.

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On this site there are some algorithms solving combinatoric problems. Look for a class called

class ChoiceIterable<T> implements Iterable<T[]>
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If all you need is just two card subsets (as opposed to a variable number), you could easily do this with two nested for loops.

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