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I am doing with function in mongoDB, now it's have problem with case-insensitive data. this is my code in function

$where = array(TblFact::Fou_Name => array('$regex' =>$SearchNameFactory));

this code when data in uppercase and i search by lowercase is return null. So anyone can help me to find solution for case-insensitive query ? I am looking to see your replay soon. Thanks ...

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That question's answer promotes bad practice. Don't use a case-insensitive query for this, because that query will not make use of indexes and will hence require a full collection scan. For large collections, that takes ages. Normalize the names instead, i.e. allow only all-lowercase names. –  mnemosyn Feb 25 at 9:39

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Thanks everyone for help me , now my problem have been resolve by

 $where = array(TblFact::Fou_Name => new MongoRegex("{$SearchNameFactory}/i"));

hope it can help to anyone who meet problem like me


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