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I'm looking for a Java library that is geared towards network math and already tested. Nothing particularly fancy, just something to hold ips and subnets, and do things like print a subnet mask or calculate whether an IP is within a given subnet.

Should I roll my own, or is there already a robust library for this?

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We developed a Java IPv4 arithmetic library ourselves. See it here: It is under BSD license.

share|improve this answer appears to have these features.

The Apache Lenya project is an open-source content management system. It uses the Apache License, so you may be able to reuse just the code you need. (But as always, read the license yourself; don't trust legal advice from some guy on the internet! :-)

share|improve this answer can certainly be modified to meet my needs, thanks for the response. That said, I was hoping to find something more general, like a Java equivalent to Perl's IP::NetAddr. – perilandmishap Oct 23 '08 at 18:43

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