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I have a Tapestry zone, inside which is an <iframe> element. I wanted to do run a simple JS function (just hiding and enabling some stuff, nothing fancy) when the iframe is done loading.

In chrome and firefox, it works just fine, but I'm having issues with IE 9.

function afterExportLoad() {
    // hide throbber gif
    // enable submit button

So, natually, I tried binding it to iframe like this (inline)

<iframe onload="afterExportLoad()" .../>

via PrototypeJS

exportFrame.observe('load', afterExportLoad);

via native JS

if (window.addEventListener) {
    exportFrame.addEventListener("load", afterExportLoad, false);
} else if (window.attachEvent) {
    exportFrame.attachEvent("onload", afterExportLoad);
} else {
    exportFrame.onload = afterExportLoad;

Using any way above, it works in everything but IE, but in IE, after the iframe is loaded, the gif is "frozen" and the button is still disabled.

Is there a way to make it work in IE9 (and possibly any other IE versions)?

Thank you :)

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So, I was fiddling around a bit and got to this solution:

Added browser checks in the function

function afterExportLoad() {
    if (document.getElementsByName('downloadFrame').length > 0) {
        var exportFrame = document.getElementsByName('downloadFrame')[0];

        if ((Prototype.Browser.IE && exportFrame.readyState == "complete") || (!Prototype.Browser.IE)) {
            // my stuff

Changed the event

<iframe onreadystatechange="afterExportLoad();" ...>

And in another function that listenes on zone update where iframe is

if (document.getElementsByName('downloadFrame').length > 0) {
        var exportFrame = document.getElementsByName('downloadFrame')[0];
        if (!Prototype.Browser.IE) {
            exportFrame.stopObserving('readystatechange', exportLoad);
            exportFrame.onload = exportLoad;

If any1 comes up with a better solution, let me know :)

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