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I have a method in a controller file that I want activated only when a button is pressed.


<%= button_to 'Export POINT', :controller => 'my_controller', :action => 'create_file_txt' %>


def create_file_txt 


permission :view_button_exp, {:controller => :my_controller, :action => :create_file_txt}, :require => :member
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So whats the problem? Please post an error log or describe the error. –  alex Feb 25 at 10:35
that's what i do, but i don't know why it's not working so any ideas? thanks –  My name is Feb 25 at 10:38
do you get any error, is there any log output? –  alex Feb 25 at 10:40
The problem that i don't have any errors and it's not running also –  My name is Feb 25 at 10:47
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