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I want to be able to read data from an USB pedometer. I'm trying this in Java and I'm using the LibUsb and Usb4Java libraries. I can't seem to claim the usb pipe or anything like that.

The code I'm using:

final Context context = new Context();

    int result = LibUsb.init(context);
    if (result < 0)
        throw new LibUsbException("Unable to initialize libusb", result);

    DeviceHandle handle = LibUsb.openDeviceWithVidPid(context, vid, pid);
    if (handle != null)
        Device d = LibUsb.getDevice(handle);
        int res = LibUsb.claimInterface(handle, 0);

Int res returns '-3' which is 'LIBUSB_ERROR_ACCESS'

The device is found but not claimable. The USB device has only 1 interface.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Which OS? Have you tried as root user? –  Turbo J Feb 25 at 15:16
Im trying it on Mac OSX 10.9.1 And I am using the admin account –  bram Feb 26 at 8:25

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