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I'm trying out VsVim after using ViEmnu.

In ViEmnu :qa will close all tabs, but in VsVim :qa closes Visual Studio. When it is relaunched, all tabs remain open. According to this issue, this is by design.

Is there a way of closing all tabs in VsVim, without closing Visual Studio?

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At this point in time there is no way. Primarily because there doesn't appear to be a method in Vim for me to emulate in VsVim. If there is I would eagerly like to hear about it so that I can implement it.

There are plans to implement tabonly though. That is close to the request as it closes all but the current.


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I've created an alias to a Visual Studio command to do this.

In the file %HOMEPATH%/.vsvim, I've added the following line:

map <leader>q :vsc Window.CloseAllDocuments<CR>

Now, pressing \q will close all open tabs.

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