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When I plot a matrix with a colorbar, then the colorbar has 10 ticks. Since the colorbar has to be pretty small, the ticklabels overlap. Therefore I want to reduce the number of ticks from 10 to 5. I do not want to reduce the font size!

Is there an easy way to do this? I do not want to set the ticks manually...

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The MaxNLocator ticker might suit your purposes?

class matplotlib.ticker.MaxNLocator

Select no more than N intervals at nice locations

For example:

from matplotlib import ticker

# (generate plot here)
cb = plt.colorbar()
tick_locator = ticker.MaxNLocator(nbins=5)
cb.locator = tick_locator
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Thank you very much! This was the correct (and very easy) solution! –  FrankTheTank Feb 25 at 12:27
At the moment there is no tick at the upper end of the colorbar, but at the lower end. This looks very asymmetric and ugly to me. Is there a solution for that? –  FrankTheTank Feb 28 at 9:27
Ok.... just put cb.ax.yaxis.set_major_locator(matplotlib.ticker.AutoLocator()) before c.b.update_icks() –  FrankTheTank Feb 28 at 9:41

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