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Python 2.7.3 Django Version is 1.5

I am using the standard Django Admin DefaultModelAdmin for adding and changing objects.


When I add an object using Django Admin Add View - about one in every ten times - I get this error:

Object matching query does not exist> Lookup parameters were {'objectid_exact':234}

Instead, Django should just return to the Paginated List View where all objects can be seen - but it seems cannot find the newly created object.

Note - I have DEBUG enabled here - otherwise I see a standard error 500 page. The line of code it complains about is on my models.py class: From models.py:

return "MyObject: %s: %s (by: %s)" % (self.pk, self.title, self.namelc)

The thing is, if I refresh the Django Admin the object has been added and there are no problems with it.

I did some research around this and found some articles and tried out recommendations - but they made no difference - for example:

  1. Django matching query does not exist after object save in Celery task

Finally - I added this line of code to the end of the svae_model() method and it solved the problem:

my_list = list(models.MyObject.objects.all())

I am not sure why this solves the issue - it forces Django to re-evaluate the QuerySet as per these articles:

  1. Django lazy QuerySet and pagination
  2. https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.5/ref/models/querysets/

There is no performance impact and so far, I have not seen the issue again.

I do no fully understand why this solves the issue so I would be grateful for any insights as to:

  1. Why this work around seems to solve the issue?
  2. Any insights as to the cause of the issue in the first place?

I am using @transaction.commit_on_success in the method that adds the item to DB - but as I said I think the issue is when Django tries to display the paginated List screen - it cannot find the newly created object.

Thanks in advance for any help - much appreciated!

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This is by definition the correct behavior: you cannot rely on an asynchronous task to be completed in your main process. So make it synchronous (i.e. don't use delay()). –  Stan Feb 26 '14 at 12:26
thank you Stan, appreciate the response, but I am not using delay() so the process is synchronous already, any other ideas? –  user3350887 Feb 26 '14 at 18:29
Need more code to figure out. –  Stan Feb 27 '14 at 7:02

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