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I'm seeking to draw a grid onto which i will be adding a number of simple rectangles, again using SVG. The grid should fit on a single page when viewed in a browser. Suspect i'm missing something very simple but do i code the SVG (viewport and grid) for this outcome; namely a grid? I've read advice to specify a viewbox that defines the internal coordinate system of the document's canvas; also that it's possible to set height and width attributes as percentages (?). Ideally final result (ultimately a map) is to have gridlines.

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Draw how? Do you mean with javascript? Is there a reason for that? Why not just draw it up in an SVG editor like Inkscape (with snap to grid turned on etc). –  Paul LeBeau Feb 25 at 13:00
The exercise also involves plotting a few points on the grid - requiring an SVG transform of these geographic objects (which are in a geographic coordinate system and not the opposite graphics coordinates system). These coordinates are all fed in from an Oracle spatial d/b. So, it's more of a dynamic map that is the desired output, not a static one. –  user3350958 Feb 25 at 13:34
See this recent post, it may be helpful:stackoverflow.com/questions/21915059/… –  Francis Hemsher Feb 25 at 17:53

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