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I want to build opencv library for pepper_31 for ARM architecture, but when I am building library with command

sudo NACL_ARCH=arm make opencv

below error is coming

build_tools/naclports.py build ports/opencv
Building 'zlib-1.2.8' [arm]
Building 'libpng-1.6.8' [arm]
Building 'jpeg-6b' [arm]
naclports: opencv-2.4.7: disabled for current arch: arm.
make: *** [opencv] Error 1

When I am building library for pnacl with command

sudo NACL_ARCH=pnacl make opencv

below error is coming

Wrote script /home/saurav/nacl_sdk/naclports/src/out/repository/zlib-1.2.8/minigzip
./minigzip: line 8: /home/saurav/nacl_sdk/pepper_31/tools/sel_ldr_x86_64: cannot execute binary file
./minigzip: line 8: /home/saurav/nacl_sdk/pepper_31/tools/sel_ldr_x86_64: cannot execute binary file
  *** minigzip test FAILED ***
naclports: Building 'zlib-1.2.8' failed.
make: *** [opencv] Error 1

Can any one please suggest how to do it for ARM architecture?

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For some reason the opencv port was disabled for ARM. If you like to look into fixing it you can modify the pkg_info file to re-enable it and see how/why if fails to build.

Your error is most likely because you have a 32-bit linux install and the naclports code its trying to run 64-bit sel_ldr tests. We have an open issues for this: https://code.google.com/p/naclports/issues/detail?id=103

For now, you can work around this by using a 64-bit linux install, or you can modify the "TestStep()" in ports/zlib/build.sh so that it doesn't try to run the 64-bit tests.

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