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I have written my script specifically for FF. Now I wish to run that same script on Chrome as well as IE. Also I want to run my tests in following order :

  1. Open browser1.
  2. Run script on that browser.
  3. Close browser1.
  4. Open browser2.
  5. Run script on that browser.
  6. Close browser2.

Please help.

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Could you please show us the code you've written so far? Or at least a sample of it? –  Seanny123 Feb 25 at 12:40
Why not in the same browser ? as you are opening the second browser, after closing the first browser.. Then why need 2 browsers.. Could you be specific ? –  Arup Rakshit Feb 25 at 12:40
Why you don't use each script for each browser? The selenium concept (in my opinion) isn't run only one script in many browsers. –  Vinicius Lima Feb 25 at 12:44

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In order to run your tests on :

1.Chrome : you will need to install latest Chrome driver, unzip it and paste its path in the environment variables.

2.IE : you will need to install IEDriver server unzip it and paste its path in the environment variables and enable protected mode for each zone in following way (Internet options->security tab->enable protected mode checkbox).

For running your tests as per the way you mentioned, not sure what framework you're using or whatever, but you can do this with a loop. You can do the following :

    def all_browsers
       browsers = [:firefox,:chrome,:ie].each do |br|
       $driver = Selenium::WebDriver.for br
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